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Case definition

Inflammatory pruritic papules/vesicles with typical distribution (hand, wrist, buttocks, elbows, axilla, may also include back, neck, limbs in children)
OR itching involving two body sites
OR presence of itch in others in same household
OR thick, scaly, erythematous rash resembling psoriasis (crusted scabies)

Clinical management

1. Treat for pyoderma if present (start treatment 24-48 hours prior to topical scabicides)
2. Wash clothing and bedding at 60 degrees celsius and dry in sun
OR place in plastic bag for 72 hours
OR expose to sun for 72 hours
3. Treat close contacts

Pharmacologic management

Ivermectin 200ug/kg (not for children under 2 months)

Adapted from:
Dainton and Chu. 2017. A narrative review of dermatologic protocols for primary care medical service trips in Latin America and the Caribbean. Int J Derm.