Country: Haiti

Length of Trip: 1 Week

Trips per Year to Latin America: 2

Cost: $1,000

Urban/Rural: Both

Type of Volunteer: Physician/mid-level provider, Nurse, Pharmacist, Chiropractor/Physiotherapist, Paramedic/EMT

Type of Organization: Faith Based

Type of Clinic: Mobile or Informal Clinic, Standing Clinic


Since 2006, we have conducted mobile clinics that serve remote villages where access to medical clinics is non-existent. During a typical mobile clinic we will see between 60-150 patients per day depending on the size of the team for 2-3 days. We will not conduct a mobile clinic in an area with an existing clinic to avoid reducing patient volume for existing clinics who already struggles to generate sufficient revenues to stay open. If a clinic already exists, we prefer to partner with that clinic and help raise their standards and capacity to serve the community.

Haitian Clinic Partners

Randolph World Ministries, Inc. accepts Haitian clinics as clients on an ongoing basis. Clinics must demonstrate the following four characteristics to qualify:

1. An association with a Christian organization;
2. An English speaking representative with regular email access designated to provide regular correspondence with the President of Randolph World Ministries, Inc.;
3. Ability to transport medical mission team from one area of Haiti to their location;
4. The ability to provide room and board for a team of 10-20 people.

Once accepted, the clinics become a permanent partner of Randolph World Ministries, Inc. from whom they will receive regular visits, medical materials as they become available, and ongoing online consultation. All Haitian clinic partners are categorized into two groups:

1. Primary clinics with the financial stability and infrastructure to grow rapidly requiring regular support;
2. Secondary clinics with more fragile infrastructures who will receive support on a less frequent basis.

Organizational Base: Fenton, MO

Other Programs: Small Business Startups, Evangelism, Education, Disaster Relief, Biomedical Research, Sickle Cell Consultation, Sickle Cell Treatment Center in development, Disaster Relief