Country: Haiti

Length of Trip: 2 Weeks

Trips per Year to Latin America: 1

Cost: $1,800

Urban/Rural: Rural

Type of Volunteer: Physician/mid-level provider, Nurse, Dental

Type of Organization: Faith Based

Type of Clinic: Mobile or Informal Clinic


Imagine waking in the middle of the night to the cries of your child and having no medicine to help soothe her congestion. Imagine there is no doctor available to prescribe the antibiotics he needs to fight an ear infection. There is no clinic that provides lifesaving immunizations or no surgeon to perform your child’s operation. Imagine how many million children go without essential healthcare every day. Imagine how many parents’ hearts break because they cannot help their ailing children. Well, we cannot imagine not helping these children and their families.

The Jeff Cherubin Domond Foundation is seeking medical professionals - doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, nurses and other medical technicians who want to volunteer their time, energy, talents and skills to travel to Haiti. These professionals will provide a variety of healthcare services and treatments – from lifesaving immunization, dental care, prescribed surgeries, and obstetrical and gynecological care for mothers and young women. We also need hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies here in the United States to donate medicines, supplies and equipment. If you want to take part in this courageous mission, contact us. You can help us soothe their cries. These people need our help!

Jeff Cherubin Domond Foundation has been working to better the health of the Haitian people for the past three years. Since the earthquake disaster that affected so many and still threatens the health stability of the Haitians, many still living in modified housing settlements, health outbreaks such as cholera, malaria and acute illnesses have been a major force contributing to JCDF’s continual dedication to return and provide this critical and life saving care.

Jeff Cherubin Domond Foundation was able to support Haiti after the devastating earthquake and we are continuing these efforts. Every year we travel to Marbial, a rural area of Jacmel to bring medical aid there.

Organizational Base: Claremont, California

Other Programs: Vision trips, education, installation of water filtering systems