Country: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Peru

Length of Trip: Not available

Trips per Year to Latin America: Not available

Cost: $1,034

Urban/Rural: Both

Type of Volunteer: Physician/mid-level provider, Nurse, Healthcare-related trainee

Type of Organization: Secular NGO

Type of Clinic: Mobile or Informal Clinic, Standing Clinic, Hospital Based Clinic


Over the past 14 years, our dedicated staff have worked to improve healthcare in developing communities across the globe. We aim to accomplish this goal by providing access to quality healthcare and educating community members on preventative measures. By tailoring our programs to the needs expressed by the families and local leaders, we continue to strive towards positive, sustainable change.

Thousands of volunteers have joined us in our mission to improve healthcare. Our Volunteer Program allows for members of the global community to contribute their efforts and help drive change. Healthcare professionals, medical students, undergraduates and individuals passionate about giving back have dedicated their time to the children and families that we serve.

Organizational Base: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania