Country: Mexico

Length of Trip: 1 Week

Trips per Year to Latin America: Not available

Cost: $280

Urban/Rural: Rural

Type of Volunteer: Physician/mid-level provider, Nurse, Pharmacist, Chiropractor/Physiotherapist

Type of Organization: Secular NGO

Type of Clinic: Standing Clinic


Flying Samaritans is a volunteer organization which operates free medical clinics in Baja California, Mexico. Doctors, dentists, nurses, translators, pilots and support personnel drive or fly to clinics in private aircraft. Through a cooperative agreement with the University of Baja California, our teams are sanctioned as Invited Teachers.

Flying Samaritans is organized in 10 chapters, drawing resources from California, Arizona, and Baja California, Mexico.

Organizational Base: San Luis Obispo, California

Other Programs: Specialty care, education, training of pasantes (residents)