Country: Haiti, Nicaragua

Length of Trip: 1 Week

Trips per Year to Latin America: 8

Cost: $2,200

Urban/Rural: Rural

Type of Volunteer: Physician/mid-level provider

Type of Organization: Faith Based

Type of Clinic: Mobile or Informal Clinic, Standing Clinic


Medical Work in Haiti

Our ministry partners typically provide a small clinic building for Bless Back to use as a home base. It is not unusual to have 100 or more people waiting in line early in the morning to see the “American doctors”! A typical week might consist of working in the clinic for 2-3 days and traveling to remote villages for 3-4 days to provide medical care in make-shift, mobile clinics. We bring our own supplies, instruments, and medications. We have established relationships with nearby hospitals so, when surgical teams are present, we can use their facilities. Medical work in Haiti is both challenging and rewarding. We have learned to expect the unexpected!

Medical Education

An exciting area of service is providing medical workshops to the Haitians who serve in a medical capacity locally. Our teams provide workshops in prenatal care, diabetes, hypertension, first aid, dental care, and a variety of other topics. Our doctors and dentists are passionate about mentoring their Haitian counterparts and, when possible, we team one MD/DDS with their local counterpart for a week of knowledge transfer. Bless Back is in the process of exploring a tele-consulting program where Haitian providers can consult with our medical specialists in the US.