Country: Ecuador

Length of Trip: More than 2 Weeks

Trips per Year to Latin America: Not available

Cost: $400

Urban/Rural: Rural

Type of Volunteer: Healthcare-related trainee

Type of Organization: Secular NGO

Type of Clinic: Hospital Based Clinic


Andean Health & Development (AHD) is changing the health and well-being of the poor in rural Ecuador by providing quality medical care based on an innovative and proven model of local self-sustainability that can be replicated throughout Latin America. What distinguishes the organization from others is that AHD is the only rural health provider in Latin America that delivers quality care based on a proven model of self-sufficiency and capacity building. AHD offers the only residency program that trains rural family physicians — where local faculty train Ecuadorian physicians to work in their own communities.

Because our model involves employing local staff, we generally do not have volunteering opportunities for people from the US. Only the rotation below is available.

Rotation at Hospital PVM for U.S. Medical Residents & M4s

We encourage bilingual U.S. residents and fourth year medical students to do an elective or rotation at Hospital PVM.

Organizational Base: Madison, WI

Other Programs: Residency training for local family physicians