Country: Bolivia, Mexico, Panama

Length of Trip: 2 Weeks

Trips per Year to Latin America: 1

Cost: Not available

Urban/Rural: Not available

Type of Volunteer: Nurse, Healthcare-related trainee

Type of Organization: Faith Based

Type of Clinic: Not available


One of the last commands that Jesus gave to His disciples before ascending to heaven was to go and make disciples of all nations. With great faith, this is exactly what 4CM does as a missions organization. In addition to equipping local churches and leaders in local communities throughout the year, 4CM organizes multiple short-term mission trips across Mexico, and Central and South America to share the Gospel and advance His kingdom.

In addition to providing healthcare to the communities we serve, 4CM hopes is to raise up the next generation of medical professionals who will use the talents and gifts God has blessed them with. Currently, we have short-term medical mission trips that invite students who are studying in the medicine field from universities and colleges all around the nation. Students can get hands on experience on the field, attend seminars with the doctors and residents, and work with fellow medicine students and mission-minded professionals who share their passion for medicine and the Gospel.

Other Programs: Evangelism, school building