From Medical Service Trip to the Pollination Project: thank you!

April 20, 2017 | Christopher Dainton

We are thrilled to receive a Pollination Project grant for the Medical Service Trip initiative, which seeks to improve the quality of international volunteer projects and medical missions by publishing their level of adherence to 18 best practices. It is our hope that better access to information will encourage volunteers to choose projects with positive impacts on host communities, over those that may be less conscientious about their efforts.

the-pollination-project-supports-medical service-trip

We’re already putting the grant to good use, finally adding a feature to the Medical Service Trip website that allows program administrators and past volunteers the chance to objectively audit the practices of their volunteer opportunity. It’s still a work in progress, and we welcome your feedback on the early version.

Medical service trip locations in Latin America
Short-term medical service trips and the locations they serve in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Based on your own knowledge and experiences, you can tell us whether each of our over 300 volunteer organizations does or doesn’t perform each of our 18 quality indicators. We hope the results will be helpful to future medical service trip volunteers, as well as to organizations interested in quality improvement.




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